Counselor Leadership


February 20, 2018
6 Weeks
Tuesdays 6:30am - 9:30pm


43 South Jefferson Road, Whippany, NJ   View map


General Course

COUNSELOR LEADERSHIP is a course birthed in the Word of God, which will lead the student to the realization that he/she is to be Christ-like.  One of the practical benefits of this course is that the believer will take on the qualities of the Counselor of all Counselors, and in doing so, demonstrate oneself as a Counselor Leader in every area of life.  The student will learn the interpersonal relationship skills of Relating, Discovering, Advocating, and Supporting.  You will learn that there are four problems in all forms of communications and that once solved can change the individual’s world.  These four relational stumbling blocks are: I don’t TRUST you; I don’t NEED what you want me to have; NOT NOW; and, I am not getting the SUPPORT from you that I need to continue”. All tenets of this practical biblically-based course will assist you in becoming the leader that God has designed you to be! These leadership truths will enhance your college experience, work-place environment, family and social life and the ministry and gifts that the Lord has given you.  We will study how Jesus Christ (as well as others) have modeled these leadership principles.

All courses can be taken via long-distance learning.  Please call the office for more details.