Why's Everybody Always Picking on Me?

October 17, 2018
one week-long intensive



Fruit-Bearing Concepts of the Kingdom


When farmers plant at the beginning of the season, they do so not just hoping, but knowing they will reap a harvest, because it is a tried and true, age-old process. There is something exciting about picking and tasting the first piece of fruit or vegetable from a plant in which you invested time and effort. But how disappointing it is when some of our labor is in vain, when we don’t get a harvest from a particular plant.

In this course, we will explore God’s purpose in planting Jesus in the earth through the illustration of planting and reaping vegetation. Jesus was given to the world, the “firstborn among many” who would bring spiritual life to ANY who were hungry. Those who abide in the Vine are who He will use to feed the famished, if they endure the process of bearing the fruit, and are willing to let people pick it. If they choose not to endure, they risk being taken away from the Vine. Join us in this intensive course where we will strive toward this goal found in John 15:8 – “The Father will be glorified that we bear much fruit; so shall we be His disciples.”


Debbi Arminio


Tuesday – Friday, Oct 16 – 19, 10 am – 1 pm