The Acts of the Holy Spirit (credit)

The Acts of the Holy Spirit (credit)




A Study on the Book of Acts

Did you know that the book of Acts is considered to be one of the most unique books in the New Testament? Acts is a historical book that emphasizes the success and persecution of the Church as they “went out into all the world.” What caused this success was not the apostles alone, but the empowerment given by the Holy Spirit. For this reason it is said that Acts would be more accurately entitled “The Acts of the Holy Spirit.” The fact that it is one of the only two books in the New Testament not ending with an amen or a formal conclusion suggests that we are still living in this paradigm. Join us for a chapter-by-chapter study of this wonderful book to learn: why the early church grew so quickly, what made the apostles go from compromisers to fearless martyrs, and how to experience the same signs and miracles.


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