Waiting on God-A Lost Art? – One Week Seminar

In “earth time” there is always an element of rushing, or of playing “beat the clock”. We want/need/like everything to happen in the timeframe that we desire. Some live in a state of continual impatience wondering, “why do I have to wait so long?” (A question that the Lord Himself probably has concerning the things He […]

Truth on Trial

Have you ever had any questions about your faith? Maybe the more you learn about the Bible the more confused you seem to become! However, you can know for sure that the Bible is constructed with complete and absolute TRUTH.  You don’t have to just believe it by faith! Did you know that the Bible […]

The Names of God III

In the Bible times, a person’s name usually said something about that individual’s character or destiny. This is also true about the many names of God and why it vitally important for us to know them. Each name of God reveals something about His character. At the same time, God’s names show us many different […]

The Greatest – The Most Excellent Way

The Greek word Agape is used by the writers of Scripture to convey the concept of how much God loves us.   This word is very rarely used in ancient Greek Literature, but its noun and verb forms are used over 300 times in the Greek New Testament.  Agape is one of the most important Greek […]