The Better Covenant (credit)

The Better Covenant (credit)




The New Testament Revisited

The Bible is one book, one history, one story – His story! Behind all of the recorded stories and events stands God. The Bible starts and ends in eternity, with time (history) in the middle. The Bible is God’s written revelation of His will to humanity. The Old and New Covenants are vitally linked together. The Old Covenant prophet Jeremiah declared that God would establish a New Covenant with His people, in which He would write His Word upon their hearts and not on tablets of stone.


This course will help you understand the main teachings of Jesus, discover the central themes of each epistle, learn the major doctrines of Christianity as supported by the Scriptures, and also identify some of the false teachings that are permeating the church today. If you want to see the bigger picture of God’s plan for your life, come join us as we revisit this beautiful HIS-story of redemption!


This course is also available for audit.